Woodlawn Memorial Park

Woodlawn Memorial Park is a not-for-profit organization that has provided a beautiful resting place for loved ones since 1854.

Our park is more than a multicultural and multi-denominational cemetery, it’s a network of over 4 kilometres of trails, a place to enjoy the changing seasons, a museum filled with art and history, a habitat for honey bees, a memorialization of families and friends, the backdrop for a number of community events, and it even has its own arbour fund to ensure the well-being of the hundreds of trees that thrive in the park.

Whether you’re at Woodlawn Memorial Park to lay a loved one to rest, visiting the memorial or marker of someone special, or enjoying a walk through the grounds, we invite you to experience all that this special place has to offer.


Site: Woodlawn MP


762 Woolwich St
N1H 3Z1